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                 Saving Sea Turtles One Track at a Time!

Here is a turtle brought to Sea Turtle Trackers by a local fisherman.  The turtle looked just fine on the outside but was listless and floating. We brought him to Clearwater Marine Aquarium where they cared for him. It took him a very long time to pass a balloon.  

Please don't buy balloons, and certainly never release a balloon anywhere.  Helpful hint - they don't actually go up to heaven, the just come down and kill wildlife.  This turtle was one of the lucky ones who lived.

Sea Turtle Trackers is committed to educating everyone about the dangers of single-use plastics.  Straws, forks, balloons, bags, wrappers all end up in the water and are ingested by wildlife, including sea turtles.  Warning, some of the below videos are disturbing, but it is important for people to understand the impact of throw-away plastics on the marine environment.  ‚Äč

This little baby pooped out plastic.  The sad truth is that whenever we participate in necropsies, we see plastic caught up in turtle intestines. 

Here is the viral video showing a plastic straw being removed from a turtle's nose.  It's agonizing to watch but hopefully you'll never look at a plastic straw the same way again.

Ditto on the plastic forks.

Drastic Plastic...