Saving Sea Turtles One Track at a Time!

Lucy Monette

Lucy moved from Burlington, VT to Florida in 2007 to attend the University of Tampa where she received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Through an internship with wolves in New Mexico and a variety of other animal related experience including working with marine life, big cats, farm life, and domestic animals, she discovered her passion was in animal welfare. She currently works at the Humane Society of Pinellas as the Education and Outreach Coordinator. 

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Joe Widlansky
Turtle Joe came to Sea Turtle Trackers from Clearwater Marine Aquarium where he was a Sea Turtle Biologist (2005-2013) and a volunteer in Sea Turtle department (2002-2004). During that time, Joe worked closely with Bruno and served as his backup. Joe is a founding member of the Sea Turtle Trackers, Inc. Board of Directors, serving as Vice President of Operations. You can typically see Joe driving the Jeep during Nesting Season and year round at the Guy Harvey Outpost Tuesday Turtle Talks.

Theresa Arenholz
Theresa founded the nonprofit organization Sea Turtle Trackers, Inc. to support the work that Bruno and his team have been doing for decades. She has served a variety of roles on the Board of Directors and on the Operations team. Theresa has volunteered in sea turtle nesting and rehabilitation since 2004. 

team members

Bruno Falkenstein has been the marine turtle permit holder for St. Pete Beach and Shell Key since the inception of the FWC Statewide Nesting Beach Survey 35 years ago! Bruno has managed and monitored hundreds of sea turtle nests and enthusiastically educates members of the public at every opportunity about all aspects of marine turtle conservation. A natural teacher, he has inspired the interest of, mentored, and recruited untold numbers of turtle advocates both on the beach and in his off-the-beach life as a successful restaurateur and sometimes politician. During nesting season, Bruno can be found captaining the patrol boat to Shell and Outback Key nearly every morning.

Bruno Falkenstein, Founder & President