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Interested in donating your time to sea turtle conservation? Click the button above to go to our volunteer sign-up page hosted by VolunteerSpot.
You can sign up as a new volunteer, or if you are already a Sea Turtle Tracker, you can sign up to participate in activities like turtle patrol or special events. Scroll down to log your miscellaneous volunteer hours.

​​Volunteers - thank you for your service! We couldn't do it without you!  

Please remember to log your hours by clicking the button to the left.

Note: if you have signed up for your shift or activity via the Volunteer Spot page, your hours are automatically logged.

Have pictures you'd like to share? We'd love to put them up on the volunteer page, or our main webpage, Facebook... anywhere you'd like!

Email photos to us at

Note: as of September 2016, most links have been disabled as we work to correct/update these documents. Please have patience as we make this change.  Any questions, or if you would like any of these forms emailed to you, please contact

Volunteer Waiver - sign and return

Volunteer Orientation - PowerPoint presentation with lots of great information about sea turtles and volunteering with STT.  

Orientation Quiz - please complete and return

Volunteer Parking Pass - print and fill in your phone number. Display in window of vehicle while on duty with STT. This parking pass WILL NOT keep you from getting a ticket if you are illegally parked.

Nest Sitting Guide and Contact List

Info Sheet Handouts - print out and cut in half to hand out to interested members of the public you may encounter while nest-sitting/patrolling.

Sea Turtle FAQ - if you'd like to print out the FAQ section from our website. This document is 9 pages long, so make sure you print double-sided to conserve paper.

For nest sitters, please bring your own red life flashlight.  If you don't have one, we should be able to arrange a short term loan BEFORE you're due to nest sit. We do not receive any funding or consideration from the below suppliers, they're listed here only because they provide a product that meets the criteria needed.

Turtle Safe Flashlight 

Red Turtle Light - compact size

Our wonderful volunteers in action!