Saving Sea Turtles One Track at a Time!

Sea Turtle Trackers (STT) Founder/President/Principle Permit holder Bruno Falkenstein has been monitoring and helping sea turtles for almost 40 years as a labor of love and a way to give back. He receives no money for doing this. For many years, he did it all on his own. In the past few years, he's been working with some other volunteers. Note only those who are listed on a marine turtle permit  – issued by the Florida Wildlife Commission – are allowed to work with the turtles. The FWC has strict guidelines, procedures and reporting requirements. Everyone in our organization is a volunteer, even Bruno and our "staff" (those named on the permit). Our goal is to mitigate the negative impacts of intensive human use of sea turtle habitat with as little intervention as possible, providing a natural experience for the reproduction of turtles on our beaches. Turtle Joe Widlansky works closely with Bruno and is on St Pete beach every morning during turtle season. Stop by and say hello!  

Our programs

Nest Monitoring

Stranding and Salvage


Community Outreach & Conservation


Residents and snowbirds volunteer with us during the nesting season and beyond to make the difference in the lives of St. Pete's sea turtles and other marine species.


Through public education and cooperation, our mission is assure a suitable habitat for sea turtles, people, and the ecosystem of the islands and their surrounding waters. 

Our History

1979 -Bruno Falkenstein starts the first Turtle Patrol in St. Pete Beach and his life changes forever.

1982 -Bruno helps relocate 340 eggs to the State's Department of Natural Resources lab for safe incubation.

2009 -​Florida Shore & Beach Preservation Association honors Bruno with a Private Citizen Award. The city of St. Pete Beach declared July 28, 2009 “Bruno Falkenstein Sea Turtle Day” .

​2014- Sea Turtle Trackers has another record-breaking season of nesting and community engagement.

2015- More nests, more educational events, more cleanups... we're really spreading the word

2016- A record year on Shell Key AGAIN ... but we had to deal with the aftermath of Hermine

2017 - We blew away our previous record of 94 nests with a total of 179! We lost a few from Irma but overall, great year with our first nest on Outback Key

2018 - Supervisor patrols have started and we started taking volunteers out on patrol starting May 1st

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