Even though sea turtle nesting is seasonal, we can benefit from your help any time of year. We welcome help from local residents, snowbirds, visitors, and sea turtle enthusiasts everywhere.

There are lots of ways to help....

Join our team as a  volunteer.  Learn more about it here at our Volunteer page.

Leave the beach Clean, Dark, & Flat. Help pack out trash and recyclables (yours and others), turn off or use red/amber lights at night during nesting season, and when you're all done for the day, FILL IN EVERY HOLE YOU SEE.  Knock down those sandcastles so you'll have a new challenge tomorrow. 

Be on the lookout for stranded sea turtles or other wildlife, or hatchlings that seem to be disoriented. Please call the FWC Hotline at 888-404-3922.  You can also give us a call at 727-744-6524 if you are in the St. Pete Beach/Shell Key area. 

Donate money, goods or services to help keep us afloat.  We are in great need of boat captains or a donation of a jetski to get us out to the islands we patrol.

Become a sponsor, or check out our sponsors to buy local and support the businesses that support Sea Turtle Trackers.

If you can't shop local, shop Amazon Smile 

and choose Sea Turtle Trackers as your charity.

Your price stays the same but a portion of the proceeds will be 

donated to Sea Turtle Trackers.  http://smile.amazon.com


Maintain a safe cruising speed in your boat, watching for sea turtles at or just below the surface. Wearing polarized sunglasses should help you see better on the water. If you see a sea turtle in front of you, do not cross its path of travel. Put your boat in neutral and let the sea turtle swim away.

When you're fishing - recycle your monofilament line. Never try to remove swallowed hooks or lines from sea turtles. Instead, call the FWC Hotline at 888-404-3922.  You can also give us a call at 727-744-6524 if you are in the St. Pete Beach/Shell Key area. 

Participate in, and/or publicize our events.

Learn more about sea turtles and our local ecology and share this knowledge.

Partner with us - if you've got the people, we've got the work.   If you've got an event, we've got the people and specimens to set up an education table.

Buy a Sea Turtle License Plate (specialty plate) - they really do give the money to sea turtle conservation groups.  We received a Sea Turtle License Plate $1000 mini-grant in 2014 and again in 2016.  In 2018, we were blessed to receive a large grant that helped us purchase a boat.  Read more about the Sea Turtle License Plate Grant and our boat here  

Send us your photos of Sea Turtle Trackers in action, of local wildlife and landscape, of your kids filling in holes, etc. Let us use them on Facebook and our website to get more people interested.

Use a canvas or cloth reusable bag when shopping.  If you absolutely must use a plastic bag, please reuse or recycle it. Never bring a plastic bag to the beach.

Maintain a respectful distance away from nesting females or emerging hatchlings.  It is very rare to see this in person, and if you are so fortunate, please stay out of their sight lines, do not get between the hatchlings or females returning to the water, and never ever take flash photography.  Don't even use your fancy new infrared camera that unfortunately comes with a full-light LCD screen.

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