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                 Saving Sea Turtles One Track at a Time!

we gratefully accept Donations from anyone in a position to help

Thank you for considering a donation to Sea Turtle Trackers.  Click on the "donate" icon here or on our Facebook page.

  ​​Or, send a check to Sea Turtle Trackers at PO Box 67422, St. Pete Beach, FL 33736. 

Got spare change or maybe a dollar or two?  Drop it in one of our coin boxes around town, like at Paradise Grille in Pass-A-Grille or the Rumfish Grille.  Or, come to one of our education or cleanup events and drop it in the jar at our table.

You might wonder why we need donations since we have no paid staff.  Our founder funded turtle patrol on St. Pete Beach and Shell Key entirely from his own pocket for about thirty-five years. Once we incorporated as a non-profit in 2013, we were able to start taking donations to replace the ancient Jeep, purchase equipment & supplies, and expand our education and outreach efforts.  For the first few years as a nonprofit, all volunteer shirts were bought with the personal funds of board members.

In 2017, we were finally able to purchase a small 2006 pickup truck. We've got expenses related to beach patrol (gas, insurance, maintenance, etc). Someday, we wold like to obtain an ATV or UTV for a more environmentally friendly footprint on the beach, but that's a long term wish. 

​​Some of the consumable supplies we use are very inexpensive, like wooden stakes, caution tape, zip ties, trash bags, disposable gloves, etc., but the costs add up over time as we replace these supplies.  This becomes expensive for or our educational and outreach supplies like books, posters, printed material and giveaways.  Education and Outreach is a critical part of our mission, and it's important to us to get kids of all ages excited about sea turtles and how important it is to protect them.  We visit many schools throughout the year and give out our sea turtle activity books and tatooos to our next generation of environmentalists.

Some of the equipment we use is a bit more expensive, like red light flashlights, grabbers, measuring wheels, cages, and tools.

Then there's the really expensive scientific equipment we need, like large Vernier Calipers, pit tag scanners, Spectrometers,  and bigger items for our educational outreach like tents, tables, etc.

We're saving for more rescue equipment like stretchers for injured sea turtles, and better options for their transport to an authorized rehabilitation facility.

 So, even with no paid staff, it really does take a lot to run this tiny nonproft, so if you're in a position, please help.